What is a Zobelgraham??

Zobelgrahams: [zoe-bull-gram] (noun) short random bits of prose produced by a brother/sister team of would-be writers. Zobelgrahams are most commonly produced on the backs of receipts, scraps of toilet paper, or dashboards of moving vehicles; (verb) to zobelgraham, to spend time writing for one's own amusement when one should be doing other things

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Wish (by Graham)

I must have muttered The Wish a thousand times.

I wished it as a child, when waiting for Christmas presents was too torturous to endure.

I wished it as a teenager while sitting alone in my room as my parents discussed my punishment for some infraction or other.

I wished it as a young mother, when I heard my children whispering to each other in their beds at night.

I wished it again when my oldest son took his date to the prom.

I wished it whenever I heard a second-hand story about a particularly poignant moment of laughter. I wished it whenever I discovered an enemy had been humiliated or a friend honored. I wished it whenever I read something in the news – something shocking, scandalous, or mysterious.  I wished it whenever I waited in suspense to find out the results of an exam or the winner of a contest.

But now that I actually was a fly on a wall, I wasn't sure exactly what to do with myself.

As I fought the urge to buzz aimlessly and look for something sticky to land on, it occurred to me that a great deal of freedom and power is wasted on the fly.

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  1. Haha! This is GREAT! :) I have wished it too...